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We have 293 listed partcodes in the category POWER DISTRIBUTION UNITS (PDUS).

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eaton PW312BA0UC07
ePDU: Basic IEC - 0U - 16A 3Ph - In: IEC309 16A 3P - Out: C13, 36: C19, 6
apc PDM3563IEC-920
APC IT Power Distribution Module 3 Pole 5 Wire 63A IEC309 920cm
apc AP7867A
Rack PDU, Metered, Zero U, 14.4kW, 208V, (6) C19, High Temp
apc PD3P70AT1B
3-Pole Circuit Breaker, 70A, T1 Type for Symmetra PX250/500kW
apc PDRPPH1000
InfraStruxure PDU 60kW 400V/400V Transformerless
apc PDM3460IEC309-500
APC IT Power Distribution Module 3 Pole 4 Wire 60A IEC309 500cm
apc PDM3516IEC-800
APC IT Power Distribution Module 3 Pole 5 Wire 16A IEC309 800cm
eaton eSWA03
ePDU: Switched IEC - 0U - 16A - In: C20 - Out: C13, 20: C19,4
apc AP7750A
RACK ATS, 100-120V, 15A, L5-15 IN, (10) 5-15R OUT
eaton PW107IM0UB81
ePDU: In-Line Monitored IEC - 0U - 2x16A - In: 2x IEC309 16A - Out: 2x IEC309 16
apc AP9218
apc PDM332IEC-30R-320
Power Dist. Mod. 3 Pole 5 Wire RCD 32A 30mA IEC309 320CM
eaton eAMA09
ePDU: Adv. Monitored IEC - 0U - 32A - In: IEC60309 32A - Out: C13, 20: C19,4
ibm 46M4116
eaton ePBZ04
ePDU: Basic IEC - 1U - 16A - In: C20 - Out: C13,12
eaton PW104MI0UC64
ePDU: Monitored UK - 0U - 16A - In: C20 - Out: UK, 20: C19, 4
apc PDPM72F-5U
APC Modular Rack Distribution Panel, 72kVA, 200A, 208V, 18 Pole, 5U
apc AP7722A
Rack ATS, 16A, 230V, (2)IEC 309 in, (1)IEC 309 Out
eaton eMAA11
ePDU: Managed IEC - 0U - 16A - In: IEC 60309 16A - Out: C13, 20: C19,4
eaton PW322MI0UD04
ePDU: Monitored IEC - 0U - 32A 3 Ph - In: IEC60309 32A 3P - Out: C19, 12 : C13,
apc AP7950
Rack PDU, Switched, Zero U, 10A, 230V, (16) C13
apc AP7832
Rack PDU, Metered, Zero U, 30A, 120V, (24) 5-20
apc AP8659EU3
Rack PDU 2G, Metered by Outlet with Switching, ZeroU, 16A, 230V, (21) C13 & (3)
eaton PW322BA0UC57
ePDU: Basic IEC - 0U - 3A2 3Ph - In: IEC309 32A 3P - Out: C19, 6
apc PDM332IEC-30R-860
Power Dist. Mod. 3 Pole 5 Wire RCD 32A 30mA IEC309 860CM
apc PDM3532IEC-620
APC IT Power Distribution Module 3 Pole 5 Wire 32A IEC309 620cm
apc PDM1332IEC-3P-2
APC IT Power Distribution Module 3x1 Pole 3 Wire 32A 3xIEC309 480cm, 540cm, 600c
apc AP7800
Rack PDU, Metered, 1U, 15A, 100/120V, (8) 5-15
apc PDM2316IEC-3P30R-1
Pwr Dist. Mod. 3X1 Pole 3 Wire RCD 16A 3XIEC309 300cm, 360cm, 420cm
apc PDM3532IEC-80
APC IT Power Distribution Module 3-Pole 5-Wire 32A IEC309, 80cm

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