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network switches Stock
network switches
593 Products
processors Stock
575 Products
power cables Stock
power cables
326 Products
servers Stock
306 Products
rack accessories Stock
rack accessories
292 Products
internal hard drives Stock
internal hard drives
283 Products
networking cards Stock
networking cards
210 Products
WLAN access points Stock
WLAN access points
186 Products
power supply units Stock
power supply units
165 Products
memory modules Stock
memory modules
149 Products
networking cables Stock
networking cables
139 Products
mounting kits Stock
mounting kits
137 Products
racks Stock
131 Products
hardware firewalls Stock
hardware firewalls
92 Products
fiber optic cables Stock
fiber optic cables
90 Products
KVM switches Stock
KVM switches
78 Products
surge protectors Stock
surge protectors
73 Products
network antennas Stock
network antennas
72 Products
KVM cables Stock
KVM cables
69 Products
rack consoles Stock
rack consoles
64 Products
UPS batteries Stock
UPS batteries
48 Products
disk arrays Stock
disk arrays
45 Products
wired routers Stock
wired routers
44 Products
security cameras Stock
security cameras
42 Products
serial cables Stock
serial cables
34 Products
not categorized Stock
not categorized
29 Products
InfiniBand cables Stock
InfiniBand cables
27 Products
telephones Stock
26 Products
wireless routers Stock
wireless routers
25 Products
solid state drives Stock
solid state drives
25 Products
RAID controllers Stock
RAID controllers
24 Products
cable clamps Stock
cable clamps
23 Products
tape drives Stock
tape drives
23 Products
PoE adapters Stock
PoE adapters
18 Products
IP phones Stock
IP phones
18 Products
HDD/SSD enclosures Stock
HDD/SSD enclosures
16 Products
bridges & repeaters Stock
bridges & repeaters
15 Products
slot expanders Stock
slot expanders
15 Products
print servers Stock
print servers
15 Products
blank data tapes Stock
blank data tapes
14 Products
power extensions Stock
power extensions
11 Products
drive bay panels Stock
drive bay panels
11 Products
interface hubs Stock
interface hubs
10 Products
cable trays Stock
cable trays
10 Products
USB cables Stock
USB cables
10 Products
wire connectors Stock
wire connectors
8 Products
coaxial cables Stock
coaxial cables
8 Products
headsets Stock
8 Products
signal cables Stock
signal cables
7 Products
PS/2 cables Stock
PS/2 cables
7 Products
laser/LED printers Stock
laser/LED printers
7 Products
battery chargers Stock
battery chargers
6 Products
circuit breakers Stock
circuit breakers
6 Products
computer cables Stock
computer cables
6 Products
tape arrays Stock
tape arrays
6 Products
computer cases Stock
computer cases
5 Products
IT courses Stock
IT courses
5 Products
graphics software Stock
graphics software
4 Products
memory cards Stock
memory cards
4 Products
telephony cables Stock
telephony cables
4 Products
graphics cards Stock
graphics cards
4 Products
modems Stock
4 Products
cable ties Stock
cable ties
3 Products
motion detectors Stock
motion detectors
3 Products
motherboards Stock
3 Products
ink cartridges Stock
ink cartridges
3 Products
operating systems Stock
operating systems
3 Products
security devices Stock
security devices
3 Products
mobile headsets Stock
mobile headsets
3 Products
DECT base stations Stock
DECT base stations
2 Products
computer monitors Stock
computer monitors
2 Products
AV cables Stock
AV cables
2 Products
smoke detectors Stock
smoke detectors
2 Products
network analyzers Stock
network analyzers
2 Products
video switches Stock
video switches
2 Products
VGA cables Stock
VGA cables
2 Products
data projectors Stock
data projectors
2 Products
keyboards Stock
2 Products
trays & feeders Stock
trays & feeders
2 Products
multifunctionals Stock
2 Products
inkjet printers Stock
inkjet printers
2 Products
networking Stock
2 Products
console servers Stock
console servers
2 Products
serial servers Stock
serial servers
2 Products
thin clients Stock
thin clients
2 Products
satellite antennas Stock
satellite antennas
2 Products
patch panels Stock
patch panels
1 Products
webcams Stock
1 Products
smart cards Stock
smart cards
1 Products
zip disks Stock
zip disks
1 Products
camera lenses Stock
camera lenses
1 Products
database software Stock
database software
1 Products
voltage regulators Stock
voltage regulators
1 Products
line conditioners Stock
line conditioners
1 Products
electronic filters Stock
electronic filters
1 Products
air filters Stock
air filters
1 Products
IP add-on modules Stock
IP add-on modules
1 Products
printer cables Stock
printer cables
1 Products
card readers Stock
card readers
1 Products
SCSI cables Stock
SCSI cables
1 Products
console extenders Stock
console extenders
1 Products
chassis components Stock
chassis components
1 Products
data storage Stock
data storage
1 Products
floppy drives Stock
floppy drives
1 Products
grounding hardware Stock
grounding hardware
1 Products
mice Stock
1 Products
tablet cases Stock
tablet cases
1 Products
photo printers Stock
photo printers
1 Products
laser pointers Stock
laser pointers
1 Products
cleaning media Stock
cleaning media
1 Products
outlet boxes Stock
outlet boxes
1 Products
dimmers Stock
1 Products

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Telephone +44 (0)7960 290191


MCi 4Trade Who we are!

MCi4Trade a member of MCi International based from our head office in Sheffield, South Yorkshire has developed a comprehensive network of specialist associates across the UK and overseas. Our team of brokers are dedicated, well-qualified, enthusiastic and highly experienced in their specialised fields. We pride ourselves on our professional staff with a varied range of qualifications, many of whom can communicate with our clients in their native language.

30 Years Brokerage Experience

With over 30 year experience!

With over 30 years experience in the trade we are experts in securing new and used equipment. Buying & Selling to clients across the globe.

30 Day Warranty on Used IT Kit

30 Day Warranty!

Our used and refurbished IT equipment is always tested and warrentied for a minimum of 30 days.

Source Legacy Equipment with MCi4Trade

Extend the life of your kit.

MCi 4Trade and help you with sourcing / purchasing legacy equipment that can help extend the life of your IT kit without replacing infrastructure.

Extended Warranty on Used / Refurbished Hardware

Extended Warranty.

Consider our extended warranty services including warranties of upto 12 months on some of our used/refurbished ranges.

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