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Juniper EDU-JTC-1000

Optimize Your Network Investment with Education
By integrating the appropriate training with your network solution, you gain the most from your Juniper Networks investment - increased productivity, reduced network costs, satisfied technical staff, and gain the competitive advantage of an increased adoption of cutting edge technologies.
Purchase Training Credits now and get the most from your Juniper network ? where gaining greater productivity and a satisfied technical staff is much easier.

What Are Juniper Networks Training Credits?
Juniper Networks Training Credits are a purchasing method for Juniper Networks training. They are redeemable at Juniper Networks Education Centers or any participating Juniper Networks Authorized Education Partner (JNAEP) worldwide. Credits are redeemable for any open enrollment, instructor-led online (ILO), private/onsite, or online course; classes offered by Juniper Networks? Authorized Education Partners; and certification exam vouchers. They are valid for ONE (1) year from the date of purchase. The courses you choose must begin before your credits expire. All Juniper Networks Credits must be redeemed in U.S. Dollars (USD).

Determine Your Training Requirements
To determine how many Juniper Networks Training Credits to purchase, contact your Juniper Networks sales representative or J-Partner. Discuss the Juniper Networks products and solutions in your network, any enhancements you are considering and evaluate your training requirements for the year.

Ordering and Redeeming Training Credits
Juniper Networks Training Credits can be ordered directly from your Juniper Networks account manager or from any of our many J-Partners. They can be purchased at any time, in combination with a product sale or independently. They are available in increments of $100 USD (U.S. Dollars). The process is easy:
Step 1: Work with Juniper Networks or your J-Partner to determine the number of Training Credits you will need in a 12 month period.
Step 2: Purchase your Training Credits from Juniper Networks or your J-Partner.
Step 3: Within a 12-month period, enroll in or purchase any Juniper Networks Education Center or participating JNAEP offered class, use Training Credits as the method of payment, and enjoy the course.

Benefits of Training Credits
Juniper Networks Training Credits are a convenient and efficient way to purchase and manage your training requirements. They enable you to increase productivity and improve network optimization while safeguarding a training budget and monitoring training expenditures. Benefits include:
- Maintain easy, up-front budgeting, avoiding the allocation of training funds on an ad hoc basis
- Reduce expenses and streamline financial process with a single budget and purchase order
- Use a simplified order process to buy credits
- Utilize flexibility of a 12-month period
- Develop a highly trained, satisfied, and motivated IT staff
- Receive as part of a comprehensive solution that includes products and servicesEDU-JTC-1000 Stock

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